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Frequently Asked Questions
If your answer is not listed below, feel free to give us a call at (515)-999-6888.

1.What are the programs/assistance you offer at FVA?
We offer various educational assistance from Weekdays. We offer Afterschool Program with Pick-up services.

2.What kind of programs/curriculum do you have for Afterschool?
(General Afterschool): This class is focused on academics (math, language, arts, touch a little on STEM)

3.What are your costs for after school and pick-up?
Our Monthly Afterschool tuition ranges from $565 to $880 while annual tuition ranges from $5,650 to $8,800, depending on the class you chose and the days you will take from 1 to 5 days. Pick-up services range from $95 to $285, depending on your school's location and the days you will need pick-up from 1 to 5 days as well. You may send us an email at for more inquiries!

4.What is your schedule for Afterschool?
Afterschool starts from 12 pm to 6 pm.

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