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We are bring  the logic behind and good judgment particular way of thinking to our students every day.

Private abacus and math lessons
4 years - adult

🧮Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1. How can learning abacus arithmetic help children?
We can give children a better idea of math.

2. Why use an abacus to learn mental arithmetic?
From having to being invisible. From a physical abacus to a mental abacus.

3. How long will it take to see results?
Three months will see the basic concept.

(Know how to add up to 50)

4. How old can children learn?
Starting from Pk-K. (4 - 5 years old)

5. My child is very clever but restless, so full of energy, but can’t concentrate in class. Will learning abacus arithmetic help?
Yes, he can do it. Because the child has to see the problem from the eye, the mouth reads hand-picking beads, letting the child hand brain.

6. Can my child learn if my child can't write numbers?
Recognize numbers 1 to 10.

Teachers can draw pictures to bring into mental arithmetic.

7. Will math get better if my child learn abacus arithmetic?
Yes. It will be.

8. How to cost?
Our enrichment class payment method will be three month period. The tuition $1300($100/HR*12=1200+100).
Materials fee $100 (including 1* abacus +2* books). 
Form second issue (4* Books).




珠心算 100 分

  • 正确的心算教学方法可以提高孩子的智力发育,大脑发育好,学习数学就能举一反三,数学实力“自然会提高”。

  • 数学的范围很广,孩子首先接触到的就是数字的+、-、×、÷。数字的+、-、×、÷是心算教学的重点,如果保证了数字的运算,孩子就会更加喜欢数学、喜欢数学,数学实力“必然会提高”

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