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Saturday English Writing Class

Saturday English Writing Class Sign Up

Limited to 8 students each class

Do you want your child to get better at writing while having fun? Check out our Saturday English composition class! It is taught by experienced teachers that specialize in primary literacy. The class develops both creative thinking and writing skills in a supportive atmosphere. We give carefully-chosen, level-appropriate writing assignments. In the end, we want kids to find their own writing style!

Class One

In this class, your child will be engaged in the writing process from brainstorming to work shopping and publishing. They will exercise their imagination and self-expression  as well as essential literacy skills through challenging activities. They will also have opportunities to share and learn from a community of writers.


Class Two

In our English writing program, your child will get essential skills of writing as well as perpetuated passion for writing! We will

·       Enhance students’ imagination via creative story writing.

·       Teach key components of a good story. Children will create exciting stories of their own.

·       Teach how to edit short essays and introduce standard editing techniques used in higher level education.

The vitally important element for children to have a better writing is innovation. We encourage them to ask, “what if?” or “why not” to think outside the box. Beside the basic knowledge of English writing, we also train your child how to become confident in expressing their thoughts and beliefs in words.Come and join us now. Start the journey to be an excellent writer in the future.

Saturday English Writing Class Sign Up

Spaces are limited.

Limited to 8 students each class


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