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Our Mission

Our Mission

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At Future Valley Education, our teachers focus on the student as a developing individual in learning a new language and culture and provide the appropriate support according to students' different learning style and the current level. We pay great attention to the learning environment as it relates to the specific needs of language development.

Teachers will teach the skills they need for success in our society that will empower them to overcome difficulties and frustrations in order to achieve their full potential academically and socially. As a representative of Chinese culture, we also teach students new perspectives on life experience that are different from their own.

Our mission includes elevating the self-esteem of our students and fostering a positive self-image that embraces the students’ cultural roots. 

We are also committed to providing social and emotional support for our students by establishing positive relationships with students and their families.  We will work as a liaison between the school and the families, providing opportunities for acculturation and socialization, while encouraging parents to become involved in their child’s education. Lastly, our school mission is to increase our students’ Chinese language proficiency in the four domains of listening, speaking, reading and writing. 

Our school offers comprehensive services for kids of all ages , including Chinese tutoring, healthy lunch service, homework tutoring, and classes in arts and crafts, music, dance, math, science, and AP test. We will take advantage of the modern digital technology in our teaching in order to help children develop problem solving skill and logical thinking. We teach in small groups, so we can build a closer relationship between teachers and students.


Please join us for an exciting and fun learning journey!

A word from our director Coco Xiao

I have been a language teacher since 2007 when I graduated from Shenyang University. In China, I had served as a guest lecturer at Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Shenyang University and taught college students Chinese Literature. In the United States, I teach Chinese as a second language, both at schools and at our local Church. Besides being the school director, I'm also a full-time  Chinese teacher at Future Valley. Besides teaching the language, I also hope to cultivate in our students an understanding of Chinese culture.

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