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     Pipa Lessons

We are inspired to bring joy to our students every and each day

Beginning and adults welcome

In-person and online lessons are available

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The pipa, or Chinese lute, is an ancient instrument that is both elegant and playful, charming, and adaptable to both traditional and modern sounds. The origins of the pipa date back to the Han dynasty, about 2,000 years ago, when a similar type of stringed instrument was brought into China from Persia via the Silk Road. It has enjoyed wide popularity throughout its long history, especially during the Tang dynasty, and now again in our own time.

The pipa has four strings on a pear-shaped body and a fretted neck. It is played by plucking and strumming much like a guitar but is held upright with the base on the lap and the neck at the player’s shoulder.

Learning the pipa introduces the student to a wealth of tunes and an exciting solo repertoire. Pipa can also be played in Chinese instrument orchestras and ensembles and has found its way into world music ensembles in recent years.

No musical experience is necessary. Instruments are provided for in-class instruction and are available to rent at a small fee.


Complex plucking instrument
Get all ten fingers working!


Unique sound effect
Mimic different instruments at your fingertips


Elegant and tuneful
Get to play different genres of music repertoire


Low maintenance instrument
Simple four-string instrument to be tuned!


Charismatic Musician
Mesmerize others with your skills!


Versatile Musician
Once mastering the Pipa, you'd be able to play most plucked string instruments!

Private Pipa Lessons in San Mateo

Ages 4 - Adults

Future Valley Music Art Studio offers private, one-on-one pipa lessons for 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and one hour per week. Semi-private lessons are also available at 45-minute intervals. Semi-private lessons are two-on-one. Age 4 to adults. Absolute beginners welcome!

We believe that Pipa not only entertains people but also plays an important role in traditional Chinese culture. The“unity of man and nature” is one of the most important concepts in China

We are located at 608 N El Camino Real Ave. San Mateo, CA. Parking is right in front of the school, and it is free.

Thanks for visiting us here, and let us know how we can help.


Professional Instructor

Cora Liu graduated from the Music Performance Department of the Minzu University of China Conservatory of Music. She has studied music since she was 6 years old and was admitted to the university with honors.

She is currently the principal pipa of the Stanford University Chinese Orchestra.

With 6 years of teaching experience, she is enthusiastic and patient with students and will teach students by their aptitude.

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