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Why Coding?

There’s been a lot of buzz about kids learning to code lately. This year, almost 200 million students around the world were exposed to coding through the Hour of Code event. And over 90% of American parents want programming added to their child’s curriculum.¹

In today’s digital world, coding is a fundamental skill alongside math and reading, but too few kids have the opportunity to learn to program because it is rarely taught in school.

Future Computer School’s mission is to create a fun and engaging platform where children not only learn to program, but also have opportunities to be creative using code.



Here’s why learning to code is so important for children:


Coding drives innovation. From self-driving cars to robot-assisted surgery to social media, computer science is revolutionizing every aspect of our lives. Coding is a fundamental skill that children need to learn so they can lead this movement.

Coding allows kids to be creative. They can create projects that do really amazing things.


Coding builds confidence. It is incredibly empowering for children to be able to create projects and show them off to family and friends.


Coding is best learned early. Learning to code is similar to learning a second language. The earlier that children are exposed to fundamental topics like sequencing, loops, and conditionals, the more deeply they absorb these concepts.


Coding translates to success in other areas. Learning to program supports learning in other areas, like math, reading, and science.

why future computer SCHOOL

Coding Isn’t Just for Coders Anymore

Kids using a robot to fix a complex structure and try to break them down into smaller parts. Kids learn what it’s like to approach a problem the way a software engineer does, with logical, computational thinking. Kids who have a logical thinking will excel in school, work and life.



Our FV instructor-a professional engineer in one of scallion valley’s high-tech companies-giving an interesting coding lesson to our children in the class.



Kids have their own computers to practice coding by following our FV instructor, and most kids receive a “The Hour of Code” as a certificate of completion.



A kid is having fun on an extremely creative coding game on an iPad. In our coding class, we encourage young kids to develop some simple apps, video games, websites.

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