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To build a hope project for children's creativity development, so that children can implement the concept of "learning by doing" in play and guidance: change from imitation → → innovation, improve the development of small motors, hand-eye coordination, and mainly trigger children's interest in learning, build self-confidence, self-identity and the ability to face trial and change.

Potential development system, children through the creation of 3C3Q modules to achieve their educational purpose: in the process of module assembly and creation, first, children through observation to confirm the use of module components and "mathematics" concepts - recognize color, number and quantity, sorting, through the guidance of stories, let children have curiosity about the work and desire to create, in the process of "hands-on", children gradually present their own preferences, emotions, Life experience, imagination and creativity are in the work.

Therefore, when children complete the construction of the theme model of the curriculum, it also strengthens children's ability to transform image thinking into practice, so as to develop children's creative potential of "creating something out of nothing" and "creating something new from nothing".

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