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Camp Hours :   

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Mandarin Drama & Speech Chinese Camp

Age: 3 - 17

$499 per week

Daily hour : 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Extended Hour: 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM ($40/day and $200/week)

Our Chinese fun summer camp curriculum is designed by credentialed teachers and centered around Future Valley Education books specifically written to accompany our themes, with focus on conversational phrases and essential vocabularies.  Future Valley Education teachers know how important it is for children to enjoy learning so they will be motivated to continue studying Chinese as they get older!

Future Valley Education  “Mandarin Speech and drama course for kids”(儿童戏剧班)main aim of the program is to encourage a desirable learning process for students in performing arts, growing their ability to adapt to student life.

This will develop their interest in learning and enhance their learning process. Through practical sessions, the students will explore, develop, express and exchange their ideas and feelings. This workshop also trains students in their language and communication skills, problem solving skills and creativity, empathy and enhance positive self-concept, at the same time, also to better understand theater arts.

Drama is a useful teaching tool as it offers ways of practicing reading, writing, speaking and listening in authentic contexts and provides students with the need to communicate. Since I had used drama effectively when teaching in China, I felt sure that drama would also be an effective teaching tool in my school at Future Valley Education.

Learning Objectives:

Encourage students’ imagination, creativity and self-exploration.
Using visual, auditory, kinesthetic arts to express feelings.
Through group projects, to work with classmates – dividing workload, planning, cooperating to engage in artistic activities.
Stimulate students’ self-confidence through art
Associate themselves with others, with oneself, the nature and the environment
Enhance understanding of the Chinese language through art.
Class Schedule:

Drama Learning through Games
With  guidance, through different scenarios and goals, students get to work
together to complete a variety of games. This helps to build mutual
trust within the team and self-control.

Using different scenarios, goals, subjects, characters etc. as the basic conditions for creation and imagination.

Story Telling
Inspire students’ imagination through key points. Students get to create original stories through expression and creativity.

Body movements
Students to use their body to expand their performance capacity.

Language and Vocals (Tongue Twister)
Improve student’s fluency in Chinese, language skills, word-building capacity and intellectual development.    



We know that a safe, adventurous summer camp experience has the power to transform your child, FV Camp is the best choice for your child! We love each of our campers and provide a safe and nurturing environment for children to grow, learn, and play. We design our camps with a variety of activities and themes that are inclusive of all children. Join our camp family this summer.

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Camp Hours :     Morning Time: 9am -12pm             Afternoon Time: 1pm - 4pm                    Full Day Time: 9am - 4pm                                                                                        


Chinese Drama 

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